Black Oak Haven

925 Mitchell St. Ithaca New York

Beautiful Skating Weather

February 03, 2008
The past several days were perfect for skating on our 1/2 acre pond.  Over the weekend we had a few inches of rain coupled with weather in the 30s.  Then a hard temperature drop froze the pond solid, clear and smooth.
I love skating on a secluded woods-surrounded outdoor pond so this is heaven for me!
Is it for you?

How Perfect is This!

June 04, 2007
Turning off into the property and seeing the peaceful layout, makes we wonder how we could ever choose to let this condo go.  Our flowers are growing already. It is so beautiful!
I forgot to mention... Last week when we were planting in our small garden during the weekend of Cornell Graduation, we were astonished to hear coming from Schollkopf Field where the ceremonies were taking place the full sound of the choir singing the Alma Mater.  It definitely gave us pause and we felt very fortunate to be able to hear this... David graduated from Cornell almost 40 years ago (1968!)

A unit For Sale

June 01, 2007
One of the units in our great Black Oak complex is for sale. We have such a small complex. It's really an amazing place to live. We enjoyed the neighbors who are moving (to Florida!) but we'll also look forward to welcoming a new family.

Spring Planting is Completed

May 31, 2007
All of the flowers and plants that we have planned on putting in are now in. We've watered them over the past few days, because once we're moved to the Lake we don't want them to die.
We have planted lots of Poppies which I just love. I hope they grow really tall. I do NOT have a green thumb, so it remains to be seen how this little garden will do.

Sunny and warm in Ithaca

May 23, 2007
Funny, the words of my title, "sunny" and "Ithaca" are rarely used together... well, I did separate them with the word "warm." 
It's nice today, and the weather begs for some gardening. Over the weekend we decided to make some improvements to our little garden space by our front door, adding some Lilac bushes, peonies, an azalia and three Asian Lilies.  Not all of the plants are int the ground but we're almost there!
We trimmed back forsythia-- I was wondering: Is there a reason that most people seem to let their forsythia grow uncontrollably wild? Is it wrong to clip it back? But what if it's rubbing against the siding, or is just a tangle of tall and gangly brittle sticks.  I am seeking member comments to that question, so don't hold back.