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April 20, 2008
It's Sunday now and we've looked at about 20 places in the last 3 days.  A few on the Upper West and a few in Park Slope and Windsor Terrace.

Tiffany and I, like most people, are looking for something that fits OUR needs.  But it becomes really hard after a while when you have to keep explaining what exactly you're looking for.  We've been working with one broker and she's spent a lot of time with us - she's shown us 'too small', 'too expensive', 'to dirty', 'to far from the train' - she's beginning to know what we like.

But its when we do our new searches that its back to square one.  That's why Renter and Buyer profiles are SO important.  The let the Renter and Buy keep tabs on their own progress so new Brokers/Agents/Owners get feel for who they are and what they like.

I have to get ready I have to go see another place at 11:30.